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Applicable to all cars equipped with OBD2 Systems (Cars made after 1996)


Numerous features make this tracker a great addition to any fleet or family transportation vehicles. Save time and effort by avoiding batteries, wiring, or installation time! Simply plug the device into the Diagnostic (OBD) port, and within seconds you're on the way to live, accurate GPS tracking! Perfect for Family or Companies with multiple vehicles since it can be moved between vehicles as needed. 


We also offer an extension cable, to allow the device to be placed in a more discreet location. Particularly useful for vehicles that have the OBD port placed inconveniently (Such as near the Drivers knees). 



  • Real time GPS Tracking
  • Accurate to within 15 feet
  • No tools or materials needed for installation
  • Optional 4 Foot Extension cable allows for discreet tracking

OBD2 Plug-in GPS Tracker