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Discreet, sleek, and a design that can't be beat! Hidden on the endpiece near the hinges, this tiny lens goes completely unseen thanks to the "Run-of-the-mill" style these glasses present. Nothing appears out of the ordinary while this camera is in operation. All controls are hidden near the temples, as is the multi-function button (which is used to operate the camera)


Included with the glasses is a 16 gigabyte Micro SD card (The device can support up to 32 GB). The camera is capable of running up to 2 hours off a single charge. The camera is capable of snapshots, as well as video, in 1080p High Definition!


  • 1080p video recording,
  • Still-picture snapshots
  • Time Stamp 
  • Loop Video Recorder: New file will overwrite the previous file clip and continue recording when micro sd card gets full
  • Incudes 16GB Micro SD Card (Supports up to 32GB Micro SD card)
  • Run-time: Approximately 120 min after full charge
  • All functions controlled by Single-operation button

1080p High Definition Eyeglass-Hidden Camera