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Another classic from our store front, this hidden wifi camera has all the features needed for monitoring acitivity inside a modern home. With built in DVR, this discreet camera can record 24/7 or on Motion Activation. The internal DVR will re-write data as needed, ensuring you always have the newest videos to monitor your belongings!


This camera can stream live to your phone, as well as send motion alerts anytime movement is detected!


  • It's not just a regular phone charger, as it also works as a hidden spy camera!

  • 1280*960P resolution 

  • MOTION DETECTION: Usb hidden camera charger designed with motion detection, including motion alerts straight to your phone! 

  • USB SPY CAMERA CHARGER WITH LOOP RECORDING: When the memory card is full the camera loops back over itself to rewrite over the oldest data, meaning you will always have the newest videos!

  • EASY TO USE: Just plug in outlet, set up via app, and start streaming straight to your phone!


WIFI- Usb Phone Charger Hidden Camera

$109.99 Regular Price
$98.99Sale Price
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